bookmark_borderDiscover The Amazing Profit Pulling Power Of Marketing With Audio

Audio is a powerful tool in your lead generation and relationship-building. You can also use it to create a simple-to-produce information-product that you can sell to generate revenue. If you offer a personal service, such as a wedding, and you want your prospects to trust you, then audio is a great addition to your marketing strategy.

Audio brings the human factor to your company. People don’t do business only with businesses; they do business directly with people. You become more human and a friend by using audio. It also helps you build rapport.

Audio can be used to convert most prospects into customers. Audio is more entertaining than sales letters or brochures, and can generate more response from prospects. You tap into the senses of your listener, which makes your prospect more engaged with your message. You know that it is impossible to convert a prospect into an actual customer if he doesn’t receive your message. Audio communicates your message in a more personal way. While people only remember 20% of what’s written, 70% of what they hear will stick with them for the rest of their lives. You want prospects to remember what you said if they are to act on it.

Audio allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition Tubidy. Even though audio is available to all businesses, the majority of companies have not yet taken advantage of this unique marketing opportunity. You will be able to differentiate yourself from others in your industry by including audio in your marketing mix.

Audio can be used, whether it is a CD, a podcast, or online, to introduce yourself and describe the products and services that you offer. Audio can be a great way for technical training or to explain the details of your products and services. It is much more personal than an instruction manual and can be used together with one.

According to educational psychologists up to half the population learns best when they listen. Repetition is a way to increase learning, according to educational psychologists. If you’re using audio to communicate technical information, your prospects can hear it again and again. This repetition aids learning. In effect, you are the one who taught them.

To present client testimonials, you can use audio. You can either have the complete CD of testimonials from clients or include audio testimonials on your site. Audio product reviews and audio testimonials are very similar. We have been using them for years. However, they are far more powerful than testimonials.

You can also use the audio to share tips and frequently asked questions. This is a great branding tool. You can also take your marketing messages with you wherever your prospects go. They can put the CD in their car stereo and download the mp3 to their iPod. Distribution is simple.

You can save time and work less by using audio marketing. Audio can automate your sales process. You create your presentation once and it is delivered to you over and over. Your CD can be made multiple times or uploaded to your website as an MP3 and it is distributed to thousands of people. Each presentation builds rapport and is very personal.

Audio also helps you make the most of your time. It filters out your prospects. You are not only communicating your marketing message through your CD or mp3 but also showing your personality. The prospect will get to know you better and can make a decision about whether you and your services suit his needs. Prospects who listen to your audio messages already feel a connection with your company. This means that you don’t need spend too much time trying to convince them. Your audio message has convinced him to make a decision. This allows you to spend more time with prospects that are pre-qualified.